"Think Differnet"

The following sites are developed by or hosted at Differnet:
Mario and Daisy, two adorable puppies
Folklore.org: Collective Historical Storytelling
Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties
Bill Atkinson Photography, presenting the photographs of Bill Atkinson
The San Francisco Food Bank
Susan Kare, User Interface Graphic Design
Waldorf School of the Peninsula
Thinking's Legacy, and the Evolution of Experience by Clifford Skoog
Recommended Computer Books
Crawdaddy! The magazine for music lovers
Paul Williams, author and critic
Here's a term paper that I wrote for my Dylan class.
Wilderness Photographs
by Delphin Ruché
Caroline Rose, Wordsmith
Chrysanthemum Design
Alameda County Community Food Bank
The Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties
Waltzing to a Tango by Betty McGettigan