Caroline Rose, Wordsmith

An award-winning, highly renowned writer, editor, and consultant, Caroline Rose has an uncanny ability to create content that’s clear, concise, correct, and consistent yet also a pleasure to read.

Caroline’s work on the original documentation for Macintosh developers is legendary. A former programmer with a strong technical background, she has also written user documentation and editorial style guides, managed a publications group, and much more. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented, versatile, or reliable contributor.

Now working as a contractor, Caroline would love to help you improve your written word, whether a suite of technical documents, a few pages of web content, or anything in between. Even a small amount of editing can make you look a lot more professional, and you can apply what you learn to your future writing. It’s an investment you can’t afford not to make!

“[Caroline] edits content, not just style. She spots problems in logic—from high-level organizational issues to low-level semantic flaws ... Her eye for stylistic issues was as good as I have ever seen.”

— Sholom K. Surges (former manager at Adobe)

A portfolio and many additional testimonials are available on this site. You can also download Caroline’s resumé (PDF).

“Caroline Rose is the best I’ve ever seen at [making engineers] think clearly about what they’re designing. She’s just without peer.

— Chris Espinosa (manager at Apple)