Additional testimonials

More feedback on Caroline’s writing and editing:

  1.       Caroline has the rare ability to really understand what she’s writing about. She is very precise and her work is of the highest quality.
        — John Anderson (software engineer), recommendation on LinkedIn

  2.       Thank you for an amazing job. I know these drafts were hurried and rough when you got them. I took longer than I should have in reading through your comments because I was enjoying (and learning from) your rewrites, and marveling all the while over your craft. What a gift, and what a tremendous help to us. We appreciate you!
        — Deborah Meehan (founder and Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community), August 2012

  3.       I am in awe of your professionalism and laser-like attention to detail.
        — Henry Ross (President, UPLIFT, Inc.), October 2008

  4.       Your ability to apply structure to technical information and discipline to make sure words are used entirely consistently is amazing.
        — Peter Hoddie (cofounder and CEO, Kinoma), regarding Caroline’s edit of Kinoma documentation for developers, February 2008

  5.       I needed to consult [the PostScript reference manual] in detail for a programming project I’m working on and was not looking forward to the prospect. Imagine my surprise and pleasure on finding it to be the best exemplar of technical writing I have ever seen!
        — Kevin Watkins (programmer), November 2006

  6.       Thanks for all your work on this [guide for software developers]. You had just the therapeutic effect on the text that I was hoping for. I could hardly be more pleased.
        — Jack Shulman (Director of Information Design and Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America), May 2006

  7.       I really appreciate your careful attention to detail and nuance.
        — Craig Maynard (software engineer, formerly at Apple), regarding Caroline’s edit of Mac OS X tech doc, June 2004

  8.       I consider [the NeXT manuals] to be, in my limited experience, the clearest and most beautiful manuals I’ve ever seen. Although I don’t use NeXTSTEP anymore, I still bring out the manuals once in a while to show my colleagues what I mean by proper, top-flight, technical writing and design.
        — Olivier Drolet (programmer), March 2004

  9.       Wow, you are amazing! You have really grasped an insight into this document quickly. Thanks a lot for the great help!
        — Sherry Hurwitz, regarding Caroline’s evaluation of AMD documentation, August 2002

  10.       I’ve worked with Caroline on three different writing projects over the years and have found her editing to be of the highest quality. She’s able to quickly extract abstract concepts from text (and conversation) and crystalize them into a form that’s easily digested by the reader. Anyone can write, but Caroline’s writing has a polished tone that’s a pleasure to read. One can always expect promptness and brilliance from her.
        — Michael Gough (software engineer, formerly at Apple), April 2002

  11.       [Caroline] edits content, not just style. She spots problems in logic — from high-level organizational issues to low-level semantic flaws ... Her eye for stylistic issues was as good as I have ever seen.
        — Sholom K. Surges (former documentation manager at Adobe Systems), letter of recommendation, October 1998