Caroline Rose: Portfolio

This portfolio presents a small sample of documents and articles that Caroline has written or edited for the indicated companies. You can access some of the content from here; other content is confidential or is not available online.

Note: Hyperlinks in some sample documents have been removed or may no longer be up to date.

Documentation for developers

  1.       Adobe: PDF Reference, Third Edition (Adobe PDF Reference Archives and Addison-Wesley, 2001) and PostScript Language Reference, Third Edition (Adobe Developer Center and Addison-Wesley, 1999) (coauthor and coeditor)

  2.       Apple: Discovering Carbon: A Procedural Approach to Developing Mac OS X Applications (coauthor); Inside Macintosh, Volumes I through III (Addison-Wesley, 1985) (principal author and editor)

  3.       NeXT:  NeXT System Reference Manual (coauthor and editor)

  4.       Marimba:  Castanet Glossary (PDF), describing terms related to their application and content distribution and maintenance product (author)

  5.       AMD:  Evaluation of their Software Optimization Guide for the AMD Hammer Processor (PDF) (author)

  6.       Collaxa:  Manipulating XML Documents in BPEL (author)

  7.       Nokia:  Designing Java Applications for Series 60 (editor)

System administration guides

  1.       PSS SystemsAtlas Administrator’s Guide, for their document retention system (editor)

  2.       SkyPilot NetworksSkyPilot Network Administration, for their wireless broadband solution (editor)

  3.       BigFixBES System Administrator’s Guide, for their security and systems management product (editor)

Articles for developers

  1.       Netscape:  “Directories and LDAP: Universal Access to Directory Information,” published online by Netscape and later in Netscape DevEdge Web Developer’s Library (IDG Books Worldwide, 1999) (author)

  2.       Rational Software:  “Net Explorer and O Store,” a case study, and “Quality on the Web: Who Cares?”, an editorial (author); “Content Management Using the Rational Unified Process, Part 1: Overview” (PDFs before, during, and after editing) and “Applying the Rational Unified Process: A Web Service Sample” (PDFs before, during, and after editing) (editor)

  3.       Appledevelop, The Apple Technical Journal, Issues 6 through 29 (editor in chief)

User documentation

  1.       HotPaw ProductionsInstructions for iAutoharp, an iPhone application (author)

  2.       TidBITSEbooks about Microsoft Word, GarageBand, Mac passwords, buying a Mac, maintaining a Mac, running Windows on a Mac, and switching to a Mac from Windows (editor)

  3.       Bare Bones SoftwareBBEdit 7.0 User Manual (editor)

  4.       NeXT:  Getting Started, NeXT User’s Reference, and NeXT Applications (coauthor and editor); WriteNow For Macintosh (author of reference chapters and editor)

Editorial style guides

  1.       NokiaForum Nokia Style Guide (PDF) (author)

  2.       MarimbaMarimba Documentation Department Style Guide (PDF) (author)

  3.       Rational SoftwareRational Developer Network Content Style Guide (author)