Testimonials: Article and courseware editing

Feedback on Caroline’s editing of articles and courseware for developers, for the Rational Developer Network and Rational University:

  1.       Your edits are outstanding overall and I feel I’ve learned a lot from examining your work.
        — Craig Branham (former course developer at Rational Software), January 2003

  2.       I am thrilled by the edits you made. You made the article sound so much better, yet it still sounds like me. You caught the inconsistencies and things that were unclear. You smoothed out all the rough edges... I thank you for your efforts and (let’s be honest) for making me look better!
        — Susan August (former Requirements Analyst at Rational Software), July 2002

  3.       Working with Caroline has always been a pleasure. For starters, unlike some editors, she is not turned off by the most arcane technical discussions. More importantly, Caroline is honest to the writer and his ideas. I’ve had to fight with some editors to try and salvage my work, but that was never a problem with Caroline. Without exception, a paper edited by Caroline is closer to what I had in mind than what I originally wrote.
        — Benoît Marchal (programmer and author), April 2002

  4.       [You] really improved the paper, and you caught some outright errors in the technical stuff, something I don’t expect from an editor.
        — Scott Darlington (former Senior Product Manager at Rational Software),
    March 2002

  5.       I’m very happy to be working with you on these articles. You’re certainly in the minority of editors/writers who work hard to understand the content you’re reviewing. I think this helps the final product quite a bit.
        — Steve Franklin (software engineer), January 2002

  6.       Caroline is a fantastic tech editor. She has probably the best level of rigor and attention to detail that I have ever worked with.
        — Steve Franklin, feedback to Rational Software management, September 2001

  7.       The paper looks great. Thanks to Caroline for the editing, making the piece be the best that it can be. Great editor and a pleasure to work with.
        — Mike McIntosh (software engineer), feedback to Rational Software management, August 2001