Testimonials: User documentation

Feedback on Caroline’s user documentation writing and editing:

  1.       Your [editing] brings more polish and professionalism to our written communication, which has a big impact on how people perceive us.
        — Peter Hoddie (cofounder and CEO, Kinoma), regarding Caroline’s edit of Kinoma user documentation and website copy, August 2008

  2.       As usual, your edits were thorough and wise. You make me look like I actually know how to write!
        — Jeff Tolbert, regarding Caroline’s edit of his TidBITS ebook on GarageBand, February 2006

  3.       Thanks to Caroline Rose, whose editing on this ebook was absolutely top-notch. We professional authors can sometimes feel as though we know writing better than our editors, but I not only couldn’t argue with Caroline’s changes, I didn’t want to, because they universally improved the ebook.
        — Adam Engst (publisher of TidBITS), acknowledgment in his TidBITS ebook on buying a Macintosh

  4.       Editor Caroline Rose has dedicated many hours to this book. Her numerous perceptive suggestions have smoothed its structure, clarified its exposition, honed its style, and eliminated several major errors. To her, my special thanks.
        — Matt Neuberg (programmer and author), acknowledgment in his TidBITS ebook on Word 2004

  5.       [The WriteNow For Macintosh manual] is an almost perfect example of how a well written manual can be clear, concise, relevant, and lucid, and all the while not using one iota of nerd-speak.
        — Jennifer Cluse, May 2002

  6.       [WriteNow For Macintosh] is a straightforward text editor/word processor, distinguished by having about the clearest manual I’ve ever seen.
        — Jerry Pournelle, Byte, June 1987