'Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience'

March 23, 1999

I hope you will enjoy being able to use a copy of this essay 'Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience' without the necessity of being connected to the Web. My apologies for not yet providing this convenience for non-Windows platforms.

The two 'zip' archives, '' and '' together include everything except the site's enlarged pictures. Unzipped, they will take up about 3.25 megabytes on your disk. The enlarged pictures would occupy another 10 megabytes, and I have not yet archived them for downloading.

Note for Macintosh users:
Mac users without the premium 'Stuffit' product may not be able to expand 'Zip' archives. I have now tested the freeware program MacZip and also the shareware program ZipIt (links highlighted). Both work just fine.
If you would like these archives adapted for the platform and/or operating system you are using, ask here. If interest warrants, I will try to adapt them.

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HOW TO INSTALL: Make or select a directory ABOVE where you want to keep the site. Move the two archives to that directory. Next, uncompress the archives using an option which will also uncompress the archives' folder or directory information. In WinZip this uses a checkbox in the 'Extract' dialog box. In PKZip it is the command-line parameter -d.

CHECK THAT YOUR INSTALL IS CORRECT: The archive should create the directory '/experience/' and below it, as a sub-directory, '/atlarge/'. The files that should be in the '/atlarge/' directory are the '.htm' extension files which were in ''. This amounts to about 142 small 'htm' files, plus a text readme, and a graphic background. All the other files should be in '/experience/'.

MAKE A LINK TO THE SITE'S DEFAULT PAGE: Open the 'default.htm' file in your browser using the 'open file' dialog or by dragging and dropping it into your browser window. Then bookmark it so you have an easy point of entry to the site from your browser. Remember that the site uses Javascript, so it should be enabled in your browser.

WHAT ABOUT THE ENLARGED IMAGES? If you click on one of the images to enlarge it, Javascript first will check to see if it is already in the '/atlarge/' directory. If it is not, you will be alerted that your browser will attempt to fetch it over the net, and that if you wish to keep the enlarged image, you must then save it to your own '/atlarge/' directory. Click 'OK'. Then, if you do not want to fetch it, use your browser's 'Back' button.

WHAT ABOUT SENDING 'COMMENTS'? You can send comments or connect to from your local copy of this site if you are connected to the Web. I will try to make current comment files and other changes available as a download so that you can keep your local copy current if you wish.


Download '' ( .8 meg )

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