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Thinking's Legacy and the Evoluion of Experience

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I am happy to feature them as worthy of attention.

Philosophy at Large
University of Liverpool
A well maintained and organized site of philosophy resources with some descriptions. One of the best.
Peter Suber's HUGE list
Earlham College
Philosophy from 'soup to nuts', as the saying goes. Plan to spend time with this one. Your modem will too. One can only hope that Peter Suber will continue to be able to reflect the volume of philosophy available on the Internet.
Voice of the Shuttle
Alan Liu
A vast site setting itself the task of encompassing the entire representation of the Humanities on the Internet. It deserves a bookmark, and more time than most of us have.
Erratic Impact
Villanova University
Here you will find a topically organized annotated digest of other sites' link lists. Top notch design too. A really fine example of a new approach to accessing a wide range of resources in philosophy and the humanities.
Oxford University
This venerable, modern, and efficient site works to be a hub for the full range of Humanities resouces. It updates frequently and monitors the freshness of its links. Very useful.
Directory of Networked Resources
National Information
Services and Systems
A UK higher education resources directory tree. Maintained by joint public and private funding. Its best coverage so far appears to be of geography, ancient history, and the arts.
Continental Philosophy
Bruce Janz
The term 'Continental Philosophy' names for me what belongs both to philosophy's living tradition, as well as to its most serious contemporary explorations. This exhilirating Canadian site, however, will also get you a few laughs.
Heidegger resources
Pete Ferreira
Much of interest here. Frequent updates with worthwhile material unavailable elsewhere. Deservedly, a very popular site.
Public Sphere
Paul Ashton
Australian site, dense with content, and not only in the Continental vein. Odds are you'll find something worth reading at this ambitious and rapidly evolving site. The Heidegger papers alone are quite extraordinary.
Ronald Lemmen
If what I've offered in this site touches you deeply, perhaps you should now spend too many hours rooting around the links here. For me, a desert-island site (for desert islands with an ISP).
Ecology of Mind:
Gregory Bateson Resources
Vincent Kenney
A popular site concerning not only the unforgettable Gregory Bateson:: Humberto Maturana and other psychologically and biologically oriented thinkers are also here and deserving of attention.
Nomad Space
Mark Paterson
Sharp design here serves concise and helpful summaries of seminal and contemporary Continental thinkers. Original essays too, concerned to bridge thought and life. The site's conversational tone implies that it is frequently updated.
Husserlian Phenomenology
Richard Knight
Extensive and growing, these tempting links to phenomenological points of departure range from orthodox to experimental. Fashion cannot stale phenomenology's central importance for thinking's future, so consider a bookmark here.
Philosophy Resources, Etc.
Larry Hauser
An excellent philosophy website emphasizing Anglo-English references. Here I am called a 'Heideggerian', and among a happy few of the Contintental persuasion to be included. All kidding aside, this site exhibits a great sense of humour.
Philosophy and Music
Kin Fai Chong
A far eastern site links back to the best of the west. Very many links to things Eastern and Western that I've not seen elsewhere. This one will cheer you up.
Mythos & Logos
Brent Dean Robbins
A sprawling, unfinished, engagingly serious, enjoyably personal, and exceedingly well-informed perspective on existential phenomenology. Well developed individual linkpages for many important thinkers.
Existentialism and Beyond
Christopher Scott Wyatt
Well focused access to the existential angle which ties together so much of this century's philosophy. An attractive, popular, and very functional site.
Journal of Post-Modern Culture
University of Virginia,
North Carolina State University,
Johns Hopkins University Press

The journal is a conduit for a wide spectrum of very contemporary concerns. I am reminded of the 'rock, paper, scissors' children's game. But which essays belong to which category? Have fun.
Contemporary Philosophy,
Critical Theory,
and Postmodern Thought
Martin Ryder
Here you will find extremely current and direct access to modern thinkers by name and also by school. A discriminating mix of well known and not so well known writings and resources.

Erkki Rautio
An experimental music Finnish site with much else to offer. The link here is to Errki's 'post-modern' links, a better set than on many of the sites dedicated exclusively to post-modernism.
Eugene Thacker
Post-modernism a go-go. Ambitious and experimental multimedia exploration. Very extensive but somewhat cryptic link-page.
Plausible Futures
Ole Peter Galaasen
An ambitious clearinghouse for, and annotated compilation of, very diversely sourced material. It revolves around learning, adaptation, and information, but in the concrete contexts of life sciences, technology, economy, and media.
Verulam Institute
of Human Studies
H. Barbet
Here is a small Irish site which deserves to be a larger one. It is dedicated to Philosophical Anthropology and includes links to other sites with relevant resources.
Chris Fogerty
A site with religious content that wants your mind to stay open? Indeed. Well designed, participatory, and worthwhile.
Ervin Bartha
A site dedicated to making available teachings that transform and awaken consciousness. Its title suggests a Buddhist orientation, and its links are ecumenical and discriminating.
Virtual Reference Desk
Robert Drudge
Justly acclaimed independently maintained Web directory. Superior in relevance, organization, and currency of links to the commercial Web directories. Matt Drudge's dad, but don't hold it against him.
System of Life Institute
Robert J Hustwit
An attractive but difficult to summarize site with very diverse and upbeat offerings, some of which are original.
Philosophy Pages
Dieter Kohler
A German philosophy site, navigable in English. Attractive and interestingly organized. This site is listed under 'Epistemology: Meta-Philosophy', and his comment seems to translate to 'rather wild and colorful'. I guess this sets me apart from other epistemologists, in any case.
Finally, a Czech site. But many of the links to papers and other sites are in English. These are perhaps the best set of hermeneutics links I've seen, so czech it out. The site has a second URL here.

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Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience