Caroline Rose: Testimonials

Click the following testimonial categories to see feedback—nearly all of it unsolicited—that Caroline has received for her work over the years. For each category, excerpts from the feedback are shown here.


Writing and editing the original Macintosh technical documentation

        “The best technical documentation. Ever.”

        “The best documentation I’ve read in my entire career”

        “The yardstick by which I judge technical books”

        “The best editor ever”

        “Without peer”

        “The best technical writer I’ve ever known”

Editing articles and courseware for developers


        “You made the article sound so much better, yet it still sounds like me.”

        “Not turned off by the most arcane technical discussions”

        “The best level of rigor and attention to detail that I have ever worked with”

        “In the minority of editors/writers who work hard to understand the content”

Writing and editing user documentation

        “Thorough and wise”

        “Absolutely top-notch”

        “Numerous perceptive suggestions”

        “Almost perfect ... clear, concise, relevant, and lucid”

        “About the clearest manual I’ve ever seen”

Other writing and editing

        “Rare ability to really understand what she’s writing about”

        “The best exemplar of technical writing I have ever seen”

        “The highest quality”


        “The clearest and most beautiful manuals I’ve ever seen”